23 Oct

Are you confused about what to do about your health? There are so many opinions—do this, don’t do this, avoid this, avoid that… It’s so very confusing for most people.

What if there was a mandate, a declaration of wellness, that explained very simply what are the most important factors of health? Things to do because they help your health positively. Things not to do because they affect your health negatively.

There is so much noise in the health field. Much of it is brought on by greedy conglomerates that want to sell you their junk. They do not care about you or your health. They want your money and they have found a way to get it.

Many doctors and health-care providers cannot give you three or four things that you must do to improve your health—ask them and you will find out. Healthcare providers need to be examples of health. Years ago physicians were advertising which brand of cigarettes to smoke. This seems ridiculous now but it was very common back in the day. Many physicians prescribe a low-fat diet. Some prescribe a high-fat diet. What are you supposed to do?

The Wellness Mandate is a declaration of wellness, of decades of tried and tested, proven tenets to health. It is based on physiology, neurobiology, and biochemistry. It is a document formulated from basic fundamentals of biology. It is based on hundreds of documents of research based on innate ability of the body to heal itself. It will cast a shadow of doubt on any other kind of information that you might run across that relates to your health.

On Saturday, November 2 at the Salem convention center I am revealing The Wellness Mandate for the first time.  

You can get your tickets at The Healthy Living Expo