Hypothyroidism: cold hand, fatigue, hair loss…

Discover Why 90% Of Women Taking Thyroid Hormones STILL Have Hypothyroid Symptoms And Are Guaranteed Continued Suffering Even Though Their Labs are “Normal”


I’m Dr. Peter Lind and I help people with low hypothyroid symptoms like: fatigue, hair loss, depression, weight gain, constipation….

If you ask the next five women you meet, probably one of them has been diagnosed with “low thyroid”– also called “hypothyroid.”  Hypo thyroid is epidemic and you cannot get a good thyroid doctor.

But…even though low thyroid is common and ruins the lives of millions of women...the standard medical care does not work well for a surprising number of women.

The standard of care, medically speaking, for any woman with “low thyroid” is to prescribe her replacement thyroid hormones. Wouldn’t you want to know WHY you might have a low thyroid function?

But there are also other kinds of thyroid problems that are related to an underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism (hypo thyroidism). There is hyperthroidism which is an overactive thyroid. There is a condition called Grave’s Disease which is another type of autoimmune condtion. There is an overconversion thyroid condition (T4 doesn’t convert to T3). There is a pituitary thyroid problem where the problems is with the pituitary output. See, there are lots of types of thyroid conditions. You should find out what the primary thyroid problems are.

The answer to that question is the key to the puzzle of why you still feel awful. The answer to that question “Why?” will determine whether you ever feel good again, or whether you will continue to feel terrible even though you’re taking the medication and your labs looks “normal.”

Why do you have low thyroid?

Here’s the shocking truth your doctor won’t tell you….

In America The #1 Cause Of Low Thyroid Is An Autoimmune Condition Called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis


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