Thyroid Symptoms

5 May

Thyroid symptoms are far too common in our society. Both men and women have thyroid symptoms and conditions. There are six major types of thyroid problems, some directly related to the thyroid gland, while most are not directly related. This is why all the major biochemical patterns of metabolism must be tested.

Trying to fix the thyriod when it is not a thyroid problem is like the fire department trying to dump water on the house beside the one that is burning…here in this video I explain the major thyroid problems that are so common.

Sometimes its just a thyroid problem that is causing hypothyroidism. Sometimes its a TSH, iodine, or pituitary problem (the pituitary makes and sends TSH to the thyroid to make it active), and often it can be an associated adrenal problem.

Whatever the case you should run all the tests to find out just what kind of health problem you have so you can a holistic plan or a natural health care solution.