Stress – How It Affects Your LIFE!

Prolonged stress, either good or bad, will always affect your mind in ways you can’t imagine.


When you have major stress, you have an entire symphony of body problems.

1. Your heart rate and heart contractions increase to bring in tremendous amounts of glucose and oxygen to organs most active in warding off danger.

2. Your blood vessels going to the skin and organs, except the heart and lungs, constrict. At the same time, blood vessels supplying the skeletal muscles and brain dilate. You need to be able to think on the run.

3. Your spleen contracts and discharges stored blood into the general circulation to provide additional blood. Moreover, red blood cell production increases, as does the ability to clot. These preparations are made to combat bleeding.

4. Your liver makes large amounts of glucose and releases it into the bloodstream. The glucose is broken down to provide needed energy to meet the stressor.

5. Your sweat production increases. This response helps lower body temperature, which is elevated as circulation increases and body catabolism increases. Profuse sweating helps to eliminate wastes produced by accelerated catabolism.

6. Your breathing rate increases to provide more oxygen.

7. Your production of saliva, stomach enzymes, and intestinal enzymes decreases. Digestion is not essential for dealing with stress.

These body changes happen during the acute stage of stress but they can certainly continue until the stressors are removed.


Your adrenal glands are the glands most recognized as dealing with stress. These small glands sit above the kidneys and produce many hormones.

Glucocorticoids convert stored fat and protein into sugar. These hormones are also anti- inflammatory and help prevent the itises: arthritis, colitis, bronchitis, sinusitis…and any other inflammatory disorders.

Sex Corticoids are male and female hormones, testosterone and estrogen and they help regulate male and female characteristics.

Mineralcorticoids help balance the minerals of the body, fluid balance, blood volume, and are also pro-inflammatory and balance the inflammatory processes.

The adrenal medulla stimulates the release of epinephrine or adrenaline, and norepinephrine. These are hormones that prolong many other stress reactions—increased heart rate and strength, constricting blood vessels to raise the blood pressure to circulate sugar and oxygen through the body, accelerating breathing rate and increase brain functioning. They cause airway passages to widen and increase the rate of catabolism. They decrease the rate of digestion and increase blood sugar to provide muscle energy and thinking power.

These are all important in the stress reaction. You need these things to happen.

When adrenal stress disorder is present, a person tends to consume large quantities of adrenal stimulants and carbohydrates such as caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol, and sugar.


While the adrenals are the stress glands, every gland, organ, and system is really affected by stress: liver, skin, heart, stomach, intestines, hormones, thyroid, gonads, and nerves.

Everything is affected!

As stress becomes chronic, major problems occur; fatigue, dizziness, mental anxiety and nervousness, moodiness, joint pain, ulcers and other digestive disturbances, allergies, asthma, heart palpitations, bronchitis, skin rashes, back pain, mental sluggishness, weight gain, headaches, impotency, colitis, blood sugar imbalances, thyroid symptoms, chest pains, insomnia

Every condition in your body has been caused by stress; physically, nutritionally or chemically, and emotionally.

Your body resolves many of these symptoms before the amount of stress causes the condition to get out of control. However, some of these symptoms grow to the point that you know something is wrong but the problem cannot be detected because it may be FUNCTIONAL and not yet PATHOLOGICAL. But once a condition shows up in a laboratory sample it has grown into a pustule of stress for a long time.

The key is to recognize a Functional problem now so you can avoid chronic health conditions that are coming your way because of stress.

How are you feeling? Do you feel good? Do you feel happy and content? Do you feel love?

Have you felt like there was a time bomb inside you ready to explode but you didn’t know why? Do you have days when a simple task seemed like it was impossible to complete?

Have you had the feeling that you were fragmented and could not find the real you?  Have you felt agitated, that the small things set you off? Have you felt like there was a battle going on inside you and you are losing? Do you lay awake at night wondering what’s wrong?

Have you tried to describe these feelings to someone and they didn’t understand—or worse, you don’t even understand? What causes these feelings? How did they get there and when will they go away?

Unresolved, Repressed, and Suppressed Negative Feelings


And these aren’t any part of your current problems. These feelings and emotions have been around for a long time. You thought they were long gone. No, they’re buried.

These feelings are very active and have created a pocket of energy, a force in your body, that effect every day of your life. Sometimes several buried emotions rage at the same time creating real havoc in your life.

Yes, you have stress today. You had it yesterday. But the bulk of the iceberg of your stress lies underneath, buried deep within your body and mind. It affects every cell of your body and causes your body to react in ways you may find inconvenient. But your body is not wrong. It is struggling to survive. It is fighting to keep you alive while leaving a path of destruction behind.

Somehow you think the stress of today is your problem. It might be. But without a doubt, the stress of buried negative feelings is killing you. Most likely it is the source of your pain, symptoms, restless nights, mental confusion, and it will be the cause of a premature death.

It is time to do something to get your stress and your life turned around.


How to Apply to Our Stress Recovery Program


“How Do I Apply For The Stress Metabolic and Functional Neurologic Recovery Program?”

Due to the customized nature of our Stress Metabolic and Functional Neurologic Recovery Program, the number of new members admitted each month is limited.

We only accept those who are most committed to reversing their health conditions and to making all changes asked of them. If you are not serious about ending your health conditions, this program is not for you.
To Apply for the Stress Metabolic and Functional Neurologic Recovery Program:

Read the “Metabolic and Functional Neurologic Solutions Report” from cover to cover. Then make sure your spouse/significant other reads the report. This person is part of your support system and they need to understand what we’re talking about. Just fill out the form on the right side of this page and you will get instant access to the full report.

After reading the “Metabolic and Neurologic and Functional Solutions Report”, schedule your consultation by following the directions in the report. You can schedule by calling our office.

IMPORTANT! When you request your personal Consultation (details in the report), we must receive your Case Review and Metabolic Assessement Forms within 10 days. We are very busy–to put it mildly. We have determined that serious people can get their forms back to us on time. This deadline is firm. If your forms arrive late to our office, you will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list.

A Simple Request to Save Time:

Please…do not submit the Case Review and Metabolic Assessement Forms to our office unless your commitment to getting lasting relief from your chronic health problems are at least a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10…..10 being the most committed. There are many other fine practioners who you can see.

If you want information only about our program, then request a copy of the “Metabolic and Functional Neurologic Solutions Report” — but do NOT ask for an appointment.

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