Stress and Weight Gain

28 Mar

Stress and Weight Gain

There are two primary types of energy production – one from carbohydrates and carbohydrate amino acids, the other from fats and fat amino acids.

The healthy person is able to produce energy throughout the day and night from both glucogenic and ketogenic sources. In a good state of health we have the ability to use either of those energy production pathways that is appropriate at the moment.

However, in a poor state of health you have lost the ability to selectively use the most appropriate energy production pathway. If you have a carbohydrate-type imbalance you can’t use energy from fat sources very well so you depend mostly on carbohydrate energy production. If you have a fat-type imbalance you are deficient in getting energy from carbohydrates sources and depend on fat sources.

There are several ways we cleverly determine if you have either of these two imbalances.  Two easy tests you can perform are respiratory rate and breath hold time. Decreased energy would mean decreased end products of energy production, right? That is the carbon dioxide output. It’s what you breathe. These two simple tests tell a little how well or how inefficient you make energy. Try it and see for yourself. What is your breathing rate and how long can you hold your breath? Both of these ratios need to be in balance.

The important point is this: by altering your diet you can bring in certain elements which improve your energy production and you can avoid certain foods that make it worse.

Energy production has everything to do with your metabolism. Your metabolism has everything to do with gaining or losing weight. Foods that overwhelmingly make your metabolism worse are:

o       Sugars (all kinds, like honey, corn syrup, candies and desserts)

o       Fruit Juices

o       Meals that have carbohydrates out of proportion to proteins

Keep your metabolism balanced. Forget about the diet craze the country is going through because it has nothing to do with real health. Find out how your body is working first then you will know what to do and what not to. Surely your metabolism needs to be corrected.

Heard this before? Begin changing your metabolism by eating cruciferous vegetables like kale, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, radish, and kohlrabi have a powerful healing affect on the body organs of metabolism. Have you had any lately? Eaten raw, they should be a large part of your diet.

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