Stress and Depressants

28 Feb

Stress and Depression

Stress and Depressants

There are more ways to deal with depression than by using drugs, especially the drugs with suicide warnings. Neurotransmitters require specific nutrition like amino acids to help nerve impulses. Also, certain emotional techniques can make significant changes in coping with depression.

“FDA warns of suicide risk for Paxil”

Do you remember where you were when the FDA ran this warning:

“The antidepressant Paxil may raise the risk of suicidal behavior in young adults, GlaxoSmithKline and the Food and Drug Administration warned in a letter to doctors. A recent analysis of clinical trial data on nearly 15,000 patients treated with both Paxil and dummy pills revealed a higher frequency of suicidal behavior in young adults treated with the drug, according to the letter.”

Suicidal behavior! What? This drug was supposed to help reduce depression and other emotional stresses, and yet it actually was found to increase suicide? How can that be?

There were 11 suicide attempts — none resulting in death — among the patients given Paxil in the trials. Just one of the dummy pill patients attempted suicide. All antidepressants now carry warnings on their labels cautioning patients and doctors of the risk of suicidal behavior.

That’s comforting.

What have we learned since then?

Drugs excite or depress the nervous system. What if there were ways to cause natural changes to the nervous system that would allow the body and mind to heal? There are in fact Amino Acids from FOOD that will make a difference.

Did you know that Phenylalanine is used to reverse Fatigue, Depression, and Mental fog?

Did you know that Tyrosine is used to reverse Fatigue and Depression?

Did you know that Glutamine is used to reduce Fatigue, Depression, and Mental fog?

These three compounds are natural amino acids that work to feed the brain and nervous system. They are integral to your health and healing. They carry no warnings and do not cause serious side effects.

This might just be a breath of fresh air for you to think there were no options to stress and emotional health.

Way Beyond Drugs

Even beyond nutrition there are many other emotional de-stress protocols to use to help change emotional outcomes.

Emotions generated in the unconscious mind remain there. These feeling are the result of a complicated interaction between different parts of our minds and between the mind and the outside world. Many are unpleasant, painful or embarrassing, and in some way unacceptable to us or society, so we repress them. We push them down deep so we don’t have to experience them.

We bury our feelings alive. What do they do? They sit and fester until a moment they seek attention. Then out of now where an old feeling (it’s like an old program) rears its ugly head for us to deal with it. How do we deal with it? What plans do we have to do this?

A plan devised to confront and change the negative neurology, our reaction, needs to be implemented. There are a number of ways to significantly change our reason for stress and specifically, depression. Learning how to use them could radically alter your life.