Sleep Problems

18 Sep

Why can’t you sleep?

It could be many things. Probably a combination of many.

Let’s take a look at some:

1. Blood sugar processing. During the night your sugar level drops; you’re not eating. If you cannot handle sugar well during the day you’re certainly not going to handle it well at night so your brain screams “give me more sugar” and you wake up. Then you go take a pee and think its your bladder. One of THE WORST things you can do is eat sugar before going to bed. Your blood sugar spikes high within an hour or two and then it plummets, crashes. What you’ve done is set off a hypoglycemic attack around 2-3 am. Another problem you just caused is a spike in cortisol, an adrenal hormone. It spikes because the brain wants it’s 33 1/3 percent of fuel; it’s gotta have it! And now you have a metabolic storm… BAM! the adrenals want to come out and play until it’s time for you to get up and do it all over again. 

 2. Stress, and Anxiety. You wake up and “think about all your issues”. You do this too, I know you do! You are working overtime on your stress issues. I know, I do it too. But I actually get up out of bed and either write down my problems, or what I think my problems are, in the wee hours of the morning or read some neurology until I have forgotten what I’m doing up so early. 

I have just described The All American Way of Life.

3. Now, add in the chronic inflammatory. Among other things, you are causing mucus membranes to swell at night which reduces airflow. Inflammation is bad news. You have to put out this fire. You know you have inflammation when you take an aspirin or some anti-inflammatory drug and you feel better! Take this as a warning!

4. Adrenal glands. I just talked about your adrenal glands briefly. But these little glands are going to be a major problem if you aren’t handling sugar and stress. They produce cortisol in excess and this will make  the catecholamine receptor sites more sensitive to epinephrine and norepinephrine, so you will feel over stimulated at night (and during the day which is why you feel fatigued) and wake up.

5. Brain. You probably have a high flying reticular activating system in your midbrain due to lack of inhibition from the frontal lobes and or infection. In simple terms your brain is constantly firing and can’t shut down when you want it to or when it’s supposed to. This is another reason you wake up at night and want to sleep mid-afternoon.

These are only five reasons you can’t sleep well. Do you really think you should take a sleeping pill? Don’t do it! Not until you find out why you aren’t sleeping.

Or just stop eating sugar. Do some relaxing or meditating or prayer before you go to sleep. Work on your adrenals. Work on your brain. How?

Ahhh….thought you wouldn’t ask; but I’m tired now from all of this and I’m going to sleep.