Plantar fasciitis

18 Sep

Plantar fasciitis can be a very painful foot problem. It can lead to chronic problems that can affect everything you do or want to do. Do you have pain in your feet in the morning when you first get out of bed?  Do you have pain in your feet when you get up after sitting for awhile. You have plantar fasciitis.

When plantar fasciitis walks into our clinic it can either be a simple issue to get under control or it can be a miserable, long-standing problem. Don’t rush into surgery because your odds of having more problems goes up. Ask someone who’s had foot surgery.

The fascia is connective tissue that contracts in the arch of the foot. If it continues contracting it can even pull the bone of the heal and make a bone spur. That is how bad it can get.

You first must free up the fascia. There are many ways to do this; some good some not so good. Then if you have access to a cold laser, you can significantly reduce the intensity of the connective tissue contraction and get a person on the way to healing.

But, you must look at your shoes. Are they supportive or are you wearing flip-flop-type shoes that offer no arch support? Spend good money on good shoes. Don’t wear cheap, unsupported shoes. Also, you may need an arch support. Get a pair if you need.

Then, you must stay off your feet for a reasonable time. I know, you want to do everything. But you must give it a chance to heal.