Marlboro man dies

28 Jan

images Marlboro Man dies from smoking related disease.

When I was younger and watched too much TV, there was one advertisement that mesmerize me: the Marlboro man. The guy wore a cowboy and road on a horse with through mountains and plains in all kinds of weather. The only time he stopped was when he cupped his hands around a lighted match and ignited his cigarette. Then he would take a puff and look at the scenery over the wide-open spaces in Colorado or Texas or Arizona.
He smoked most of his life and he died January 10, 2014. He was diagnosed in 2006 of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was 72.

Throughout his later years he was a crusader against the hazards of smoking and he even did a public service announcements for the American Cancer Society. He told others to quit, including kids, but he could not stop his smoking addiction.

He was a moderately successful actor and knew many actors who were also smokers. Many of his friends died of smoking related diseases.

You don’t hear much about Marlboro today. In fact, you don’t see any cigarette advertisements anymore. They are not accepted these days. What you do see however is other marketing illusions. Today we see unprecedented numbers of drug advertisements. How many years will it be until we look back at all the ridiculous drug advertisements and say: “how did they ever think they could get away with that?”

The marketing geniuses in the drug industry of today know how to sell their products but they rarely ever get to the truth. They have to reveal side effects and complications of their drugs because it is required by law but otherwise do you think they would? That would be a horrible marketing position. There are so many bad drug reactions if you would look them up you would think twice about taking the ones being marketed to you. Most people get it when they watch and listen to all the side effects. Some don’t bother to question.

The Marlboro man never changed his personal habits but he did change his beliefs about what smoking did. His message was: Smoking kills people. You never heard much of what he said about this though. The truth is there but it is hidden and masqueraded like never before. What if we had a Marlboro man telling us the truth? Would the health of the people in our country be better?