Leaky Gut

14 Nov

5344499840_9915ee873b_bWhat is leaky gut?

Leaky gut is a major cause of disease and dysfunction. It happens when the lining of the small intestines becomes irritated and inflamed. Once irritated, metabolites and microbial toxins enter into the bloodstream through the tiny holes that have been eroded in the intestinal lining. Once these foreign metabolites and toxins enter the body through the blood they put tremendous stress on the liver, lymphatic system, and the immune system as the body has to get rid of them.

Leaky gut is now an epidemic in our country.

Two major causes of intestinal breakdown are the use of antibiotics and the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDs. There are other causes to be sure, such as chemotherapy, alcohol, stress, and a lack of normal gut flora.

Antibiotics cause damage by destroying the bacteria. So now the bacteria count is low and not able to function normally. Since these bacteria are required for immune system function, they are severely decreased and not able to help the immune system. They also turn metabolites into waste products. These bacteria also breakdown hormones such as estrogens. If you’re not breaking down estrogen your reabsorbing them into your tissues which may contribute to fibroids and other tumors.

Antibiotics also damage the intestines by promoting the growth of fungi and yeast. These counter the normal bacteria that you should have. An overgrowth of Candida damages this lining and allows the same toxic agents and chemicals to flow into the bloodstream. These now affect other tissues including the brain. Killing off Candida or other foreign microbes will not offer any long-term effect if the bacterial terrain is not reestablished.

If you have to take antibiotics then you must reestablish the bacteria that you’ve killed off. This means you need to supply yourself with pre-biotics and probiotics of a good quality.

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