Insomnia – A Sign of Health Problems

What’s so dangerous about insomnia is that it’s robbing you of your life, at night, when you’re supposed to be sleeping and healing. At fist you don’t sleep well for a night or two. Then it continues for a week, a month, and then this is how life is, year after year. You opt for a sleep study. You might even get a CPAP, the device you wear because you don’t breath when you are asleep.

WATCH THIS! Have you ever had your your hormone levels checked? If you have fatigued adrenal glands you are not producing CORTISOL in sufficient supply. Your body, when healthy, produces more cortisol in the late evening and throughout the night. The cortisol goes to your liver to take out the stored sugar (glycogen) to feed your body during the night because you are in a fasting state. THIS IS A NORMAL PHYSIOLOGICAL FUNCTION.

Your ADRENAL GLANDS are your stress glands—they respond to stress in your life. They produce adrenaline that flows throughout your body and helps you deal with the stress. But if you have more stress than your adrenal glands can keep up with you are going to flat-out fatigue your adrenal glands. And that means most likely producing LESS CORTISOL!

Cortisol is your preferred pathway to get glucose out of your liver at night. But when you have less cortisol you are going to use ADRENALINE to get glucose from your liver at night. What’s going to happen?

You Are Going To Wake Up And Not Fall Asleep For A Long LongTime!

Your entire circadian rhythm is out of whack. Your body is hormonally out of balance. You are not healing or repairing when you should be. You wake up tired and need the stimulants like coffee to get you through the day. And that’s just the beginning.
What about Blood Sugar???

Your Blood Sugar Levels Will Mess With Your Sleep!

Blood sugar is similar to the Cortisol pathway we talked about. If blood sugar is not balanced you are either going to have HYPOGLYCEMIA OR INSULIN RESISTANCE OR DIABETES! If your blood sugar levels are not balanced one major sign of this is…


You may not have noticed all this at first, or maybe you just brushed it off thinking it’s nothing, but before you know it these problems slowly build and build. You feel more tired. You become more irritable. You start taking pills to get through the day.

And then one day you realize you just aren’t the same person you used to be…