“I will be dead next year…”

28 Dec

That is what she said during our interview. Can you imagine? Not feeling well, not doing well, and no hope.

Another thing she said was that she listened and did everything we told her to do.

Now that takes a lot, realizing that you are going down the tubes and then putting trust and faith in a place like ours to turn your health around. She did what we told her.

Most people are brain-washed in our country into thinking getting old, getting sick, feeling rotten, taking gobs of meds is normal. Well, it’s common but certainly not normal. That’s not how we should be. People go through the day with fatigue, or headaches, or gastrointestinal problems, or whatever and they think it’s normal. It is not normal!

In my hour-long presentation I made the statement that if you don’t jump out of bed before 7 AM and go strong throughout the day and then drop to bed by 10 PM and do not have any symptoms during that day or night, then you have a health problem. How many people live like this?

Watch this short video; see how she finds something improved every day.