Healthy Living Salem Oregon

30 Oct

Do you realize how bad our health is in the US? It is an epidemic crisis. What’s worse is that your kids and grandkids are headed to health ruin if someone doesn’t take responsibility.

And then, these young people are supposed to take care of us and our society when we get older. How will they be able to do this? This young generation is by far the unhealthiest in the history of our society.  Take a look at this…


1 in 3 is overweight

1 in 6 has learning disabilities

1 in 9 has asthma

1 in 10 has ADHD

1 in 12 has food allergies

1 in 20 has seizures

1 in 54 males have autism

1 in 88 has autism

If you think these statistics are not right, spend 6 months researching and you will find out more than you care to know. Don’t look at one article or one page statistics; Learn about this because you and I are going to pay for it somehow. We are on a collision course and there are warning signs all around.

What can you do to help improve your health, your child’s health, and your community’s health?

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