Mold Growing In Your House

23 Oct

You may be growing mold in your house or at work.

This picture comes from a person’s house in Salem. She got a mold-growing kit from us like you used in high school biology. The lid was left open for about an hour and then closed for about 8 days to let the molds and bacteria grow. This is the harvest.

A friend of mine, a doctor who specializes in chiropractic neurology, had a persistent cough and couldn’t get over sinus congestion and just didn’t feel well for months. Come to find out they had a water leak in their house that they didn’t take care of.

After months someone suggested they check for mold. After ripping up the kitchen floor they found black mold growing deep inside the structures. Long story short he will on a powerful steroid for the rest of his life, the house was condemned, and after a lawsuit and months of battle his insurance company bought him a brand-new house. He will have chronic lung problems forever now. Mold is a major problem here in the northwest.

There is a special name for a type of infection called eosinophilic esophagitis when this mold or bacteria grows in the esophagus or it is called eosinophilic rhinitis if it is growing in the upper sinus cavities. Here are three things you can do if you think you are a target.

1. Get a mold growing kit from us for a few dollars and place them around your house and see if you grow mold.

2. If you have mold you must do mold remediation. You may have to report this to the authorities as well. And you have to get this cleaned up or you will never get healthy.

3. We must bolster your immune system. This is what my friend is not doing that you can do to improve your health. We use a specific immunological protocol that will help do this for you.

If you have any suspicions like I’ve outlined try to do this before the rainy season begins here in Oregon.