Functional Health Care

29 Jun

The main goal in functional healthcare is to find person-specific rather than disease-specific approaches. Every person has different nutritional requirements so they can produce energy efficiently and perform all the other functions efficiently. Some people don’t do well eating red meat, yet some people become incredibly weak without red meat. Some people drink too much water and others don’t drink enough. Some people can eat cheese and butter while others cannot. Some people need calcium while others become very weak and sick if they take excess calcium or the wrong form of calcium.

 Our Testing Can Tell Us The Right Fuel, The Right Nutrients, The Right Minerals, And The Right Amino Acids Needed For Each Person. Every Person Is Cared For According To His Or Her Own Individual Test Results

All normal metabolic processes involve the function of one or more of these fundamental control systems. Conversely, all abnormal function in your body involves a loss of balance with one or more of these fundamental balance systems. All disease is a dysfunction in these fundamental control systems.

The 5 metabolic control systems work diligently for your body to function well but most importantly, to maintain your TOP FOUR BIOLOGICAL PRIORITIES!


1. Maintain glycemic control

2. Maintain normal oxidative metabolism

3. Maintain ideal pH

4. Maintain ideal concentrations of electrolytes and biologically active water