Fatigue, Diarrhea, Depressed — Celebrity Sited In Clinic

8 Mar

Yes, we have had treated celebrities in our clinic; a rock star, several reality TV stars, entertainers, but none compare to the one we are working on.

Without our knowing, Ms. T’s case was written up in a national newsletter sent to doctors. I was reading several case presentations when I got to one and I thought: “this person sounds very familiar.”

I looked up in our records who I thought it was and sure enough, it was the same person. While the first four cases were  two sentences, our case was two and a half pages!

I won’t let you read all of it but just so you see what many people deal with in their health and the absolute, almost miraculous changes a person can make while getting to the cause and correction of their problems here it is …

68-year-old woman with low energy, need for 12-18 hours of sleep, depression and anxiety, overweight, and constant diarrhea that plagues her all day and all night, as well as being triggered every time she eats, or even drinks water. She is being drugged with an SSRI, with a CNS depressant, and with Fosamax, and is also on thyroid.

If this were your patient, how would you handle the case? Well aware of the possibility that the drugs might preclude getting useful test results, this patient’s doctor still went ahead with Metabolic testing.

He found 3 very clear metabolic test patterns — Anaerobic, Parasympathetic, and Respiratory Alkalosis. Were these “real” Imbalances, or just the result of her drugs? Since the patient’s low energy, somnolence, overweight, depression, and particularly the diarrhea were all common Parasympathetic symptoms, it was assumed that the Parasympathetic test pattern was valid.

The patient’s anxiety was a perfect match for the Respiratory Alkalosis test pattern, and her urine and saliva pHs and respiratory rate and breath hold were strongly indicative of an Alkalosis, so, the doctor decided to consider that test pattern valid as well.

Also note for future reference that the patient’s initial blood pressure reading was 160/90, and it failed upon orthostatic challenge.

— The doctor initiated the clinical trial with the appropriate supplements and dietary recommendations — having the patient return for follow-up testing within a week to gauge the impact of the clinical trial, the doctor found on that follow-up testing a complete reversal in the patient’s test patterns.

Just as significant, the patient had stopped her SSRI, her CNS depressant, and her Fosamax totally and immediately after her first Metabolic test. Note that we do not recommend patients stop such nasty drugs so quickly. We have protocols in place for getting off them gradually, responsibly, and with minimal reactions. But, this woman was totally committed to being rescued from the drug monster, and had immediately seen justification in putting her trust in her practitioner.

Four weeks later, the patient was obviously delighted with how she felt. Her energy was improving, her diarrhea was incredibly improved, she was sleeping better, and best of all, she had just enjoyed the first 2 months in years of being drug-free. It is fully expected that she will live happily-ever-after.

And by the way — on that testing 2 months after the patient began her program, her blood pressure had come down to 140/80 — perfectly normal. These are the kinds of patients who will fill your office with referrals.

Ms. T is by far our most celebrated celebrity!

Isn’t this the story you want to hear about for your family and friends!