Diabetes Causes:

The 3 Most Important Blood Sugar Problems: Hypoglycemia, Insulin Resistance, and Diabetes

Blood sugar problems are becoming so prevalent in the United States that authorities are predicting that they may bankrupt the healthcare system.

The definition of diabetes according to the American Diabetes Association is “two fasting blood tests with a blood glucose level of 127 or higher.” 100 to 126 is termed “pre-diabetes” or insulin resistance and anything below 85 is hypo-glycemia. Your IDEAL blood glucose level should range between 85 to 99.

A reading below 85 would be termed hypoglycemia and a reading above 99 is hyperglycemia. This is called dysglycemia and is a stepping-stone to diabetes.


In Fact, Every System In Your Body Depends On Balancing Your Glucose Levels!

Are you interested in natural health care instead of the ‘here, try this drug and see if it works’, kind of traditional medicine?

You could have more than one problem at a time. Do you think it’s wise to take all kinds of medication for all of your symptoms? Brain fog is often a condition when glucose, oxygen, or other nutrients are not supplied to your brain. Chronic pain can happen with blood sugar problems – we see this in diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Fibromyalgia – muscle and connective tissue disease, is often complicated by blood glucose imbalances. If you experience fatigue, its best to balance your blood sugar chemistry. Weight loss is directly related to dysglycemia.

How Do I Apply For The Diabetic Metabolic and Functional Neurologic Recovery Program?”

Due to the customized nature of our Diabetic Metabolic and Functional Neurologic Recovery Program, the number of new members admitted each month is limited.

We only accept those who are most committed to reversing their health conditions and to making all changes asked of them. If you are not serious about ending your health conditions, this program is not for you.


To Apply for the Diabetic Metabolic and Functional Neurologic Recovery Program:

Read the “Metabolic and Functional Neurologic Solutions Report” from cover to cover. Then make sure your spouse/significant other reads the report. This person is part of your support system and they need to understand what we’re talking about. Just fill out the form on the right side of this page and you will get instant access to the full report.

After reading the “Metabolic and Neurologic and Functional Solutions Report”, schedule your consultation by following the directions in the report. You can schedule by calling our office.

IMPORTANT! When you request your personal Consultation (details in the report), we must receive your Case Review and Metabolic Assessement Forms within 10 days. We are very busy–to put it mildly. We have determined that serious people can get their forms back to us on time. This deadline is firm. If your forms arrive late to our office, you will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list.

A Simple Request to Save Time:

Please…do not submit the Case Review and Metabolic Assessement Forms to our office unless your commitment to getting lasting relief from your chronic health problems are at least a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10…..10 being the most committed. There are many other fine practioners who you can see.

If you want information only about our program, then request a copy of the “Metabolic and Functional Neurologic Solutions Report” — but do NOT ask for an appointment.

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We look forward to meeting you.

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