Salem Chiropractor Injures Back

15 May


I was doing some ‘minor’ yard work last weekend, didn’t notice anything at the time but I felt something not quite right. Slept well that night but later the next day became a little stiff in the low back. Went to work Monday morning and the pain got a little worse. So, against my better judgment I had a massage (my back was quite irritated by then and I suspected it shouldn’t be aggravated; there is a time for everything, this wasn’t the time). I couldn’t get off the table.

I lay there trying to move. It took me several minutes before I lifted myself up. I walked down the hall of the clinic very slowly and went into another room where I had my assistant do ‘a little work’ on it. I couldn’t move again.

A few years ago I fell 4 feet and landed on concrete, breaking two of my vertebrae. That was painful. I took the week off of work, called several chiropractor friends and my friend the orthopedic surgeon for advice. The orthopedist did not have advice that was helpful but I followed my fellow chiropractor’s advice and was back to work in one week.

So, laying in agony on the table I called my chiropractor friend who happened to be in his car about 15 minutes away. He came over and spent 45 minutes with me, advised me to cancel the afternoon and the next day appointments. I spent that afternoon in his clinic as he worked on me, then the next day, and the next, all week, helping me recuperate a disc problem. Amazing! These are the only two times in 22 years that I have cancelled because ill-health. I only missed one afternoon and one morning.

I had many thoughts about this event. Here’s is what I’ve learned:

1. You cannot think correctly when you have a physical problem. All these people in our country who do incomprehensible things may have very faulty thinking patterns because they are not well physically and mentally, or they are on drugs, prescription or non. If you have a physical problem you have a brain problem.

2. All the inflammatory chemicals from an injury reach the brain and change brain chemistry. Add medications on top of that and you really have an unbalanced biochemistry. The inflammation has to reduce. Yes, you may have to take anti-inflammatory ‘substances’, and I took several compounds; one was NEUROFLAM to reduce the neurological inflammation; the other was an adrenal support because my adrenal system was going through the roof.

3. I know how people feel. Pain sucks, but listen, pain is a friend, gentle or violent. It is a way, like all your other symptoms, that something is not right in your body and mind. YOU CANNOT IGNORE YOUR SYMPTOMS OR COVER THEM UP, without your body re-calibrating itself to a secondary level of functioning. Use your symptoms to get well and stay well. It’s easier now than when you really have to attend to your health).

4. My first thought in any mishap is not turn to medicine, unless, of course I have shattered a bone (twice), am unconscious, or my wife makes the decision (she is a nurse at the hospital). My first thought is: “something is wrong, what needs to happen to get this functioning again. Unfortunately, there are many things people do that drag their health down every day and then they come into my clinic and want a ‘magic cure’. Life as I know it doesn’t work that way. When you deal with the body there are many systems that are affected with health, healing, injury, and disease. My recent back issue involves my nervous system, my adrenal system, my mental and emotional systems, my respiration, my cardiovascular…I won’t name them all, but everything in the body.

5. I don’t know everything. In fact, the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know anything. Not to say don’t learn. I am using the most recent methods to understand what is wrong with the body and what it needs to become well again. What a long pursuit. When it comes to the human body and mind I am humbled.

6. A physical condition makes you realize what is really important in life. I know the economy is down and people are down, and on and on. But you have it better than anyone in the history of the world, don’t you? I mean, just 80 years ago they didn’t have toilet paper. 200 years ago people were living in log homes without running water, without electricity, without a corner grocery store. Count your blessings and carry and attitude of gratitude. There must be one thing you are thankful for.

Here’s a sobering thought: in 40 years or 69 years, or 6 months from now you will be dead. Most likely, another 10 years after you are gone no one will remember you. Your life is what you have right now, this moment. It isn’t what you have tomorrow or what you lived 10 minutes ago. It is right now. If it isn’t the way you think it should be then do something about it — and you really know what that would be. If it is just like you thought it should be then be grateful and then help someone else do the same.

We are all in this thing together, whether you have lower back pain, upper back pain, neck pain, leg pain, or just back pain or back pain causes that you are still trying to get resolved, keep going down different paths until you get to the right solutions.