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Anxiety leads to strokes

20 Dec

A Health Update This just in: “Anxiety is related to strokes.” And, the greater the anxiety, the greater the risk of stroke. Anxiety is stress in the mind. Just as you have a nightmare or a dream in which you are stressed, your heart rate increases, your breathing rate increases, and your entire body goes […]

Fatigue and Tired of it all

26 Jun

Do you know someone (you?) that has not felt well in years even though this person (you?) is doing “all the right things”? Here is a brief story about a woman who we met at a Health and Wellness Expo I spoke at 6 months ago. Long story short, she began our complete program. All […]

Avoid The Aging Recipe

14 Feb

In 1953, Leonard Hayflick, PhD discovered that the human cell divides about 50 times and then dies. This is known as the Hayflick Limit, the end of life. In the 1970’s scientists discovered the reason for the Hayflick Limit was the telomere.   Telomeres are short caps of DNA on the ends of the chromosomes. […]

Sleep Problems

18 Sep

Why can’t you sleep? It could be many things. Probably a combination of many. Let’s take a look at some: 1. Blood sugar processing. During the night your sugar level drops; you’re not eating. If you cannot handle sugar well during the day you’re certainly not going to handle it well at night so your […]

Stress and Weight Gain

28 Mar

Stress and Weight Gain There are two primary types of energy production – one from carbohydrates and carbohydrate amino acids, the other from fats and fat amino acids. The healthy person is able to produce energy throughout the day and night from both glucogenic and ketogenic sources. In a good state of health we have […]

Stress and Weight Loss

13 Mar

Stress and Weight Loss The most important truth regarding weight loss, a truth that you must repeat over and over to yourself is that reducing your calories is not the way to lose weight. You have to address your metabolic rate. The most fundamental truth regarding weight loss, a truth that you must repeat over […]

Stress and Food

9 Mar

Stress and Food Nutrition stress is one of the big three stresses on the body. The effects of stress are astounding. When we understand the kinds of stress we deal with we can learn how to remove them and improve our lives. Food is one of the three big stresses. Here I have laid out […]

Stress and Depressants

28 Feb

Stress and Depressants There are more ways to deal with depression than by using drugs, especially the drugs with suicide warnings. Neurotransmitters require specific nutrition like amino acids to help nerve impulses. Also, certain emotional techniques can make significant changes in coping with depression. “FDA warns of suicide risk for Paxil” Do you remember where […]

No Thyroid Symptoms And What The Thyroid Tests Showed

15 Feb

I just had a case the other day where I had a person come in with the following symptoms: 1. Overweight 2. Peripheral neuropathy 3. Equilibrium and balance problems On further evaluation, she said she had small intestine and gastrointestinal symptoms. She also indicated there were blood sugar problems and some adrenal symptoms. Where were […]

Flu Season

3 Oct

Flu Season Have you seen the signs for flu shots? Do you think they help? Most people get the shot and then get the flu because what’s in the flu shot is the flu virus. Why not think and live differently this year. Here are some statistics about ‘the season’: “Fifty percent of Americans suffer […]