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Plantar fasciitis

18 Sep

Plantar fasciitis can be a very painful foot problem. It can lead to chronic problems that can affect everything you do or want to do. Do you have pain in your feet in the morning when you first get out of bed?  Do you have pain in your feet when you get up after sitting […]

Back Pain Relief

12 Jun

Too many people have back pain that is ruining their lives. What would life be life if it wasn’t present? Watch this interview of a man who had back pain for more than 20 years and he thought he had to live with it and adapt his life around it. Sound familiar? No, in his […]

Pain Relief

21 Jun

When a person suffers from debilitating pain for awhile their life wraps around it so that everything they do is related to how they feel. Their life is about what they can or cannot do. It becomes limited and the dreams the person has float away. But once health begins to restore a short of […]

Salem Chiropractor Injures Back

15 May

SALEM CHIROPRACTOR I was doing some ‘minor’ yard work last weekend, didn’t notice anything at the time but I felt something not quite right. Slept well that night but later the next day became a little stiff in the low back. Went to work Monday morning and the pain got a little worse. So, against […]

Kidney Pain

28 Apr

Is it back pain or kidney pain? Your kidneys are located in your lower back on either side of your spine. They are organs that filter and usually do not give you problems. However, a bad diet can really cause your kidneys to react. If you have a short, searing pain in the lower back […]

Leg Pain

28 Apr

Leg pain is a very common problem. You can have leg pain when walking, sitting, and even leg pain at night when you are trying to sleep. Neuropathy is another name for leg pain. This is a nerve-type pain. Also, diabetes can create such a blood sugar problem that the muscles are ‘starving of nutrients’. […]

Back Pain Causes

28 Apr

Almost anything can cause back pain. You can move wrong, sit wrong, walk wrong, put too much pressure on it, and you can even cause back pain by too much stress. But I want you to understand that before you find “the remedy of choice”, make sure you find out what are back pain causes. […]

Neck Pain

28 Apr

Neck pain is miserable. Your brain wants to keep your eyes and head level. When you have neck pain this is difficult to do, but you must if you are going to have optimal neurology. Neck pain can be so bad that it causes arm pain. This is often caused by nerve pressure; pressure in […]

Upper Back Pain

28 Apr

Upper back pain is back pain between the shoulders. It is often the ‘pain of stress’ because when you place the world of stress on yourself it lands on your shoulders and burrows into your upper back. Your upper back is in the thoracic spine and is one of the least movable parts of your […]

Lower Back Pain

28 Apr

Low back pain is what most people think about when they talk about back pain. Right across the lower spine. Most of the time it is central lower back but for a lot of people it can be on the left or on the right side. Low back pain can be aggravated by bending forward […]