Anxiety leads to strokes

20 Dec

A Health Update

This just in: “Anxiety is related to strokes.” And, the greater the anxiety, the greater the risk of stroke.

Anxiety is stress in the mind. Just as you have a nightmare or a dream in which you are stressed, your heart rate increases, your breathing rate increases, and your entire body goes through a sympathetic response. This is stress. Just the same as anxiety.

Since a stroke is related to a bleeding in the brain, it is often caused by extra pressure in the arteries. Anything that stimulates stress can cause an increase in blood pressure. A sympathetic response will do this, just as it does during a nightmare.

That is why you do not smoke. Smoking increases your risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.
But everyone has anxiety, one time or another. What matters most is your responses to it. Some people can handle stress and tension very well while other people don’t at all.

One of the things that we have taught you is to deal with your anxiety and stress levels so that you can tolerate stress and your self. Some of the things that you can do are to regulate your breathing or just go on a mild walk for minimal exercise. This alone will activate your muscles and reduce your overall stress.

One significant thing we do for you is retrain your brain into a lower frequency of function. In other words, we get it to run a little more quietly.

In all, stress and anxiety are not very good for your health. So this season because of the holidays or the weather or whatever you might be going through, find time to reduce your anxiety and overall stress. It doesn’t take too long to do this but it will make a great difference in your health.