About Us

Dr Peter Lind specializes in chronic metabolic and functional neurology care in his chiropractic practice and has since 1988 in Salem, Oregon.

Dr Lind continues post graduate studies pursuing advanced degrees in Functional Neurology and Clinical Nutrition. He has written three books about practical health care and one thriller about agriculture genetical engineering that will be made into a feature film. He writes monthly health newsletters and blog posts.

Dr Lind’s main emphasis in clinical practice is 5-fold:

1. Managing blood chemistries including analysis of blood sugar, thyroid, adrenal, liver, kidney, oxygen, and the major hormones through diet, lifestyle and nutritional support.

2. Chiropractic and functional neurology care addressing pain, balance and equilibrium, coordination and movement problems, and brain function.

3. A Complete Wellness Program – a combination of the Functional Metabolic Program and Functional Neurological Program for chronic and difficult cases. Major emphasis is on immune dysfunction, neurology, and metabolic regulation. 

4. Spinal Decompression Program – a specific program for complicated low back pain, leg pain, sciatica, peripheral neuropathy, or disc surgical candidates.

5. Peripheral Neuropathy program – the sensation of pins, needles, pain, numbness in feet are the hallmark of neuropathy. Care in use of special electrical current, infrared, and balancing procedures allow most people with Peripheral Neuropathy 80%-90% improvement. Most PN is caused by diabetes but is also caused by medication and autoimmune dysregulation.