A Fishy Thing About Fish Oils

5 Jun

fish oilMany people get symptomatic relief from taking fish oil because the omega 3s relieve inflammatory symptoms associated with an excess of omega 6 fatty acids. The clinical results obtained from omega 3s derived solely from their ability to block the conversion of omega 6 PUFAs into pro-inflammatory prostaglandins. Those apparently beneficial results are felt very soon. The oxidative damage is manifested more gradually. The research studies demonstrating results from fish oil are not false; but merely incomplete. The answer to all the pathologies associated with omega 6-derived prostaglandins is not to ingest even more free radical generating fatty acids, but to stop ingesting the omega 6 oils that initiated the pathology. By minimizing dietary PUFAs, and achieving metabolic, inflammatory and degenerative pathologies will respond with permanent improvement.

So, fish oils will cause SLOWWW oxidative changes in the brain and body. You won’t feel it or can’t tell it is going on for years. I have stopped recommending them even though we have THE BEST processed fish oils anywhere. Why take them if they are only going to give you short term relief but long-term problems?

Go back to nature. A little fish is good but squeezing 20 salmon into a bottle of omega fish oil may not be the best.

I know, you may react to this. Many people do. But when new, conflicting information comes along it is best to evaluate it and then evaluate your own thoughts and beliefs. You can’t stick to an old belief when it is invalidated by new info.