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26 Nov

Here’s an interesting story that happened Thanksgiving weekend a few years ago. When my son was in high school he and a few of his friends were going to be the first in line at a big box electronics store in town. So Thanksgiving evening they drove one of their pickup trucks into the parking […]

Leaky Gut

14 Nov

What is leaky gut? Leaky gut is a major cause of disease and dysfunction. It happens when the lining of the small intestines becomes irritated and inflamed. Once irritated, metabolites and microbial toxins enter into the bloodstream through the tiny holes that have been eroded in the intestinal lining. Once these foreign metabolites and toxins […]

Dr Lind Radio Interview About Gluten

5 Nov

A fascinating interview about gluten, genetically modified foods, and food processing. Dr Lind expounds on these topics and more. This interview was done a few days before he spoke to an overflowing audience at the “Healthy Living and Gluten Free Expo 2013.” Dr Lind Radio Interview About Gluten For more information please call Lind Wellness […]