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Fatigue and Tired of it all

26 Jun

Do you know someone (you?) that has not felt well in years even though this person (you?) is doing “all the right things”? Here is a brief story about a woman who we met at a Health and Wellness Expo I spoke at 6 months ago. Long story short, she began our complete program. All […]

Back Pain Relief

12 Jun

Too many people have back pain that is ruining their lives. What would life be life if it wasn’t present? Watch this interview of a man who had back pain for more than 20 years and he thought he had to live with it and adapt his life around it. Sound familiar? No, in his […]

Aspirin Myth

4 Jun

“Take Aspirin as a Blood Thinner, For Your Heart”   Aspirin is useless to take for cardiovascular disease. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed a study that finds no benefit at all when given to people at risk for heart disease. Aspirin not only does not prevent heart attacks, but people who […]