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Gut Problems

29 Jan

Don’t We All Have Them? “All diseases begin in the gut”, said Hippocrates. And back when he said this they didn’t have all the junk we have today that we call food. Gastrointestinal problems are the most overlooked and most common health problems today. Who do you know that doesn’t have digestive problems? How many […]

Guns and Drugs

16 Jan

A few weeks before the Newtown school shooting there was a mall shooting 45 minutes from my city in Oregon. This one ended when a civilian pulled out his own gun and drew it on the killer. When the killer saw him he turned his gun on himself and the ordeal was over. Two dead, […]

My Flu Article Goes Viral

15 Jan

A few days ago I wrote an article for my column about the flu. The article was based on research about the ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine. I cited numerous studies from major medical journals that questioned the mass inoculations of the vaccine. I went a little further in my article and described some […]

How To Avoid The Flu Shot

14 Jan

Yes, yes, it’s the flu season and every newscaster is warning “this may be the worst flu season; it’s hitting some areas early and hard.” Look it up. This is what they say. They said the same thing last year and the year before. They’ll say it next year. Same words. Watch for it as […]