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Your Metabolic Engines

29 Nov

  There are five metabolic control systems that determine how efficiently your body and mind work. They control your energy production; they control the function of your heart and circulation; they control the function of your brain and nervous system; they determine your efficiency of digestion and use of nutrients; they control the chemical balance […]


27 Nov

How is your thyroid doing? Is it working? You may have a number of symptoms that indicate a low functioning thyroid, or you may have symptoms that show signs of high functioning thyroid. How do you know? You have to run some tests to know for sure. Simply, you can even watch a few things […]

Failure of American Health Care

5 Nov

The United States has the best acute care and disease management system in the world. Do you realize how bad our health is in the US? We are getting ill far earlier and living far longer with compromised health. Your are at losing odds with your health if you have American Health Care. The U.S. […]