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Healthy Living Salem Oregon

30 Oct

Do you realize how bad our health is in the US? It is an epidemic crisis. What’s worse is that your kids and grandkids are headed to health ruin if someone doesn’t take responsibility. And then, these young people are supposed to take care of us and our society when we get older. How will […]

Mold Growing In Your House

23 Oct

You may be growing mold in your house or at work. This picture comes from a person’s house in Salem. She got a mold-growing kit from us like you used in high school biology. The lid was left open for about an hour and then closed for about 8 days to let the molds and […]

Healthy Living Expo – Salem, Oregon

9 Oct

Salem, Oregon – Do you remember where you were the Saturday after Thanksgiving 2011? a. Shopping b. Watching football c. At the Salem Convention Center for the first annual We were all at the Healthy Living and Gluten Free Expo; Tracy giving massages, Fawn and Wendy handing out information and scheduling appointments, and me. I […]


2 Oct

Take A Breath I just came back from another weekend neurology module (it must be #23 or #24 by now) on the neurology of respiration. Look at your breathing rate. If you breathe less that 12-14 breaths per minute (and are not a world-class athlete), you are holding in carbon dioxide and creating more acid. […]