Archive | September, 2012

Sleep Problems

18 Sep

Why can’t you sleep? It could be many things. Probably a combination of many. Let’s take a look at some: 1. Blood sugar processing. During the night your sugar level drops; you’re not eating. If you cannot handle sugar well during the day you’re certainly not going to handle it well at night so your […]

To Fish Oil or Not to Fish Oil?

14 Sep

  Many people get symptomatic relief from taking fish oil because the omega 3s relieve inflammatory symptoms associated with an excess of omega 6 fatty acids. The clinical results obtained from omega 3s derived solely from their ability to block the conversion of omega 6 PUFAs into pro-inflammatory prostaglandins. Those apparently beneficial results are felt […]

How To Improve Your Health

11 Sep

Every day and night you must balance between build up and tear down. Growth and Decay. One side of your metabolism revs its engine early in the morning-the buildup starts about 6 AM. The tear down side takes off around 8 PM. This is normal. But as you age this cycle is impeded…you don’t bounce […]