Archive | February, 2012

Alternative Health Care Interview

28 Feb

We have seen so many health improvements with the people that we cared for that we decided to take a moment and talk about how we in our clinic are doing with our health. As you watch this video, think about how many unhealthy people are walking around without hope, trying to medicate themselves into […]

Stress and Depressants

28 Feb

Stress and Depressants There are more ways to deal with depression than by using drugs, especially the drugs with suicide warnings. Neurotransmitters require specific nutrition like amino acids to help nerve impulses. Also, certain emotional techniques can make significant changes in coping with depression. “FDA warns of suicide risk for Paxil” Do you remember where […]

No Thyroid Symptoms And What The Thyroid Tests Showed

15 Feb

I just had a case the other day where I had a person come in with the following symptoms: 1. Overweight 2. Peripheral neuropathy 3. Equilibrium and balance problems On further evaluation, she said she had small intestine and gastrointestinal symptoms. She also indicated there were blood sugar problems and some adrenal symptoms. Where were […]

A New Look at Functional Healthcare

8 Feb

Today, Wednesday, I got to the office about 5:15 in the morning. One thing about getting up early is there’s no traffic to speak of. And that’s why I don’t like to leave at lunch time either. The reason I arrived a little earlier than usual is some of the new testing procedures that are […]