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Gastritis, Digestive, Gluten Free

30 Dec

Gastritis, digestive, gluten free A gluten free presentation by Dr. Peter Lind (Part III) Top 10 causes of death. We are a society that is living longer but dying earlier, if you know what I mean. Heart disease, Cancer, Stroke, Respiratory disorders…8 out of the top 10 causes of death are lifestyle induced. The major […]

Digestive tract, Gastritis, Gluten Free

28 Dec

Digestive tract, Gastritis, Gluten Free: A Gluten Free Public Presentation by Dr Peter Lind (Part II) My Core message is Proactive Healthy Living; in other words, you need to do some things to take care of your health, (especially as you get older). Who here thinks about health every day? Do you do something healthy […]

Gluten free, Gastroenteritis, Digestive tract

27 Dec

Gluten Free, Gastroenteritis, Digestive tract: A Gluten Free Public Presentation by Dr Peter Lind (Part I) The program says that I am speaking about food for one hour. I’m excited…it’s the best topic. A little about me … I have practiced natural health care since 1988. I started a solo practice from scratch and I […]

Gluten Free Recipes For The Healthy Minded People

13 Dec

To relieve yourself of chronic health problems you need to eat better than the average American. You cannot frequent a fast food joint every week and think you are eating healthy. Can’t do it. I know everyone is busy. We are all busy. But one thing you have to do, HAVE TO DO, is eat […]