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Weight Loss Interview

28 Nov

Weight loss interview – this is an intimate interview with a young woman whose health has dramatically improved. Attention was placed on her systemic metabolic imbalances. Weight loss of 30 pounds was one good side effect in her health journey.  Tracy is our massage therapist who has struggled with health problems for many years.

My Amputated Finger and Thanksgiving

22 Nov

On Saturday, November 12, I had an accident that took off most of my left index finger. As a family we get together to press apple cider at my parents home. Uncles, aunts, cousins and families from around the area get together for a fun time in the fall. We do this every year. It was later in […]

“The Healthy Season”

1 Nov

I have just come off two weekends of study. The first was a 20 hour Master The Thyroid seminar. I had to take off a Friday afternoon and sit for 3 days. Do you really think there is enough information about the thyroid to talk about it for 20 hours? At least 20 hours. So […]