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Hypothyroid Symptom Workshop

23 Sep

Taking information about low thyroid, hypothyroidism, hypothyroid and other thyroid functions we talk about these at the thyroid workshop. In summary, here is what you will learn from the Thyroid workshop: 1. Five out of six people have an auto immune thyroid issue (most have Hashimotos). The problem is that the body is attacking itself […]

Gluten Free Rage

22 Sep

If you want to be healthy and live a life of wellness, improve your diet, lose weight, avoid thyroid problems, reduce stress in your life and avoid a little pain, then you ought to consider eating gluten free. What Is Gluten? Gluten is a composite of the proteins gliadin and glutenin. These exist, conjoined with […]

Diet and Weight Loss

20 Sep

On just about any diet the caloric intake is reduced and caloric output is increased. You burn more calories than you consume and therefore lose weight. However, what happens is that your body realizes it is not getting enough calories for energy and then your hypothalamus sends signals for you to either increase your appetite […]

Hypothyroidism and Hypothyroid Symptoms

19 Sep

Hypothyroidism and hypothyroid symptoms In healthy people, the thyroid makes just the right amount of two hormones, T3 and T4. These hormones have important actions throughout the body. Most importantly, they regulate metabolism, regulate calories, lower and raise body temperature, regulate weight gain…and affect our general well-being. In short, the thyroid “runs” our metabolism—it is […]

Hypothyroidism and What Tests to Order

19 Sep

Hypothyroid The following will provide a wealth of information and help you determine if you are suffering with a thyroid problem. First begin with the Thyroid Questionnaire followed with the Basal Temperature test. If you suspect you are suffering with a sluggish thyroid, then I recommend asking your physician to order the Comprehensive Thyroid Assessment […]

Cholesterol and Statins at Your Fast Food Dive

6 Sep

Are you worried about high cholesterol or your diet or even weight gain? Well, I have some good news for you! All you need is another pill that you might get soon at your local fast food store. You can still get your hamburger, fries, cola but now you may be able to get a […]

Hypothyroidism Symptoms

6 Sep

Hypothyroidism or hypothyroid is the clinical syndrome caused by too little thyroid hormone, TSH. Hypothyroid symptoms can include: fatigue, coldness (hands and feet), depression, dry skin, and muscle cramps. Slow breathing, puffy face, hands and feet, diffuse hair loss, and high cholesterol are common physical signs of hypothyroidism. Causes range from excess stress, mineral deficiencies, […]