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Hypo Thyroidism Case Study

30 Aug

Here is an interview with a man who tells his story about his thyroid, stress and insomnia health problems. Now his life is better after taking the time and attention to address his metabolic imbalances in his system. For a consultation about your health problems and to find out if we can help call for […]


30 Aug

Low thyroid…hypothyroidism When you have hypothyroidism it’s easy to get caught up in thyroid lab values and which thyroid meds and supplements work the best. While these are significant factors in improving thyroid health, it’s important to remember gut health is foundational to thyroid health. As long as you struggle with a leaky gut, gut […]

Stress: Your Brain and Body

23 Aug

The human body responds to stress with a powerful fight-or-flight reaction. Hormones surge through the body, causing the heart to pump faster and sending extra supplies of energy into the bloodstream. This emergency response system is useful: It enables people to survive immediate physical threats, like an attack from a wild animal. But today, the […]

Stress and Physical Health

5 Aug

The most important indicator about your physical health is your response to stress. Your response to food, your job, your kids, gravity, money, weather, society….So one of the keys to improve your health and maintain your health is to improve the way you respond to all the stressors in your life. When functioning well your […]

Stress and Your Adrenals

4 Aug

The Adrenal Stress Index (ASI) test measures these stress hormones and plots their output throughout the day. The ASI is the best way to measure a person’s response to stress and how they are responding to life. The system may be ramped up and turning out of control or it may be exhausted and not […]