Gastrointestinal, Small intestines, Gluten free

23 Jan

Gastrointestinal, small intestines, gluten free
A gluten free Public video presentation featuring Dr. Peter Lind

Thank you for this opportunity to speak with you. I hope you gained some ideas and will put into action some of the things we’ve talked about here today.
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I want to leave you with this: The message within this life’s work is that time is related not just to mental and physical health but that every life, healthy or sick, normal or abnormal, is a race with and a battle against time. If we run the race not as a solitary runner but as part of a relay team, the social presence of others on our side can make us all healthier, happier, and live longer without the massive health problems we’re facing today.

A life well lived is the best antidote to the fatal truth. Be active not a passive worrywart. Find magic in the moment, joy in making someone smile. Listen to a friend’s sigh; look into the eyes of a child you made feel special. Most of all, marvel at how time, circumstances, your family, your friends, your work, and all your unique experiences have joined to comprise the symphony that is you.

Use Time Wisely; spend it on good things now so you don’t have to make massive life-altering changes later. You can rebuild your health. You have to begin somewhere. Learn from your past to make your future as good as you want it.

Find someone to help you.

I hope you eat better today, move better next month, and think clearer, happier thoughts this time next year