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If you are between 24-74 years old and you don’t feel well, have pain, have hormone imbalances, are tired, fatigued, and just not yourself, feel depressed or have anxieties, are taking one or more medications, have one or more diseases, and don’t feel there is any hope – You Are In The Right Place!

“I was at my wits-end, with bad acid reflux, indigestion, intestinal cramping and heartburn.  The foods I could comfortably eat were VERY restricted.  I had trouble going to dinner with friends or family, as my meal choices were so limited.  I had seen several doctors for over five years to no avail – they had no solutions.

“Then I met Dr. Lind and his staff.  Within a few months of his treatments my digestive problems were almost gone.  Now I can eat almost whatever I want.  I can socialize without worry.  I feel that I have my life back.” Sylvia M

The way we turn your health around is by finding physical, chemical, and emotional causes to your health problems.

“Thanks to Dr Lind’s clinic I am off my meds for narcolepsy which cost over $500 per bottle and because I’m off those meds we could have this third baby. Plus this third pregnancy has been the best so far because I’m so much healthier. Thank you Peter Lind for always being there for me and my health these past 18+ years!!!!”- JHawkins

The only way to establish your health is to find these causes and correct them. You can’t cover them up because they will show up somewhere else. There has got to be a better way to GET BACK YOUR HEALTH!

“Peter Lind is my chiropractor. He is amazing. I have been so impressed with him as a doctor. I have heard and seen with my own eyes him heal people in a very short period of time. He puts a plan together to keep them in care. He is “freaky” smart. He will have diseases literally healed in a short period of time.” ~ Laura Gwyn, Oregon

“I started coming to Dr. Lind in February 2006, by the recommendation of a friend, after returning home from a mission trip to Africa. The main reason I came was because I was having some severe intestinal problems. I also had bursitis in my shoulder, lower back pain, knots and stress continually in my shoulders, all from being a hairdresser for 16 years. Everything is different now! I feel so much better intestinally, hormonally and physically. I get fewer headaches and can go all day at work without my shoulder hurting! To me this is amazing! I tell so many people about Dr. Lind. I love that he is into long term healing and he is not a “cracking” chiropractor. I always stress the fact that he is a wellness doctor and he wants the “whole” of you to be healed. I thank God for Dr. Lind!” ~ Jennifer Kinler, Oregon





Dr Lind Radio Interview About Gluten

“We are amazed at the techniques Dr Lind is using. We are anxious to see what develops with continued care. Sometimes I don’t know how to handle my changed husband.” ~ Mary Miller, Oregon

“I came to Dr. Lind feeling sick–not in a chronic way, but with an overall feeling dis-ease. I was tired, lethargic and discouraged. I had a great deal of pain and discomfort in my lower back and neck. Traditional doctors treated the symptoms but never seemed concerned with the underlying issues. I felt like my overall health was spinning out of my control and that I was destined for the chronic health problems my parents now face.The improvements have been slow but steady, I no longer experience daily discomfort in my back and neck. I have a greater sense of well-being and feel like I am in control of my health once again. Chronic disease does not have to be a normal part of the aging process. Dr. Lind treats all aspects of the being (spiritual, emotional, physical) as a complete unit. When one aspect of the being is out of balance, the other two suffer. Dr. Lind and his assistants, work with their patients to bring the whole being back into balance. We can experience an overall sense of health and well-being–in fact, that is indeed our natural state of being.” ~ Cheryl Creel, Oregon

“Peter has taught me the importance of balance. Keeping the body in total balance through diet, exercise and “tune-ups”. The physical and emotional components of ourselves are interconnected in ways we are not always aware. Peter is a “miracle worker!” What a wonderful teacher. He is definitely not the “norm” when you think of chiropractors! It’s amazing! And it is because of working with Dr Lind. He’s made a believer of his philosophy! Being mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy alleviates the dis-ease in our bodies. I know I am a work in progress! But what a huge difference all of this has made for my well-being! What progress! What a guy! Go Dr Lind!” ~ Cindy Andexler, Oregon

“I was having constant problems with a throbbing pain behind my ear and was also taking two cardiac medications. Now I’ve only had occasional problem with my ear and not as severe and I have been off my meds for two years with no symptoms. I’m feeling healthier. Peter helped me get on the right exercise program to strengthen my heart and not stress it. He’s taught me the importance of good nutrition and now I feel that I’m healthier than I have been in years. He has taught me the importance of being proactive in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I tell others the good Peter has done for me and that I feel he has a gift and is a true healer.” ~ Helen Krier, RN, Oregon


How to Apply to Our Wellness Recovery Program


Due to the customized nature of our Metabolic and Functional Neurologic Recovery Program, the number of new patients admitted each month is limited.

We only accept those who are most committed to reversing their health conditions and to making all changes asked of them. If you are not serious about ending your health conditions, this program is not for you.


To Apply for the Wellness Recovery Program:

Read the “Metabolic and Functional Neurologic Solutions Report” from cover to cover. Then make sure your spouse/significant other reads the report. This person is part of your support system and they need to understand what we’re talking about.

After reading the “Metabolic and Neurologic and Functional Solutions Report”, schedule your consultation by following the directions in the report. You can schedule by calling our office.

IMPORTANT! When you request your personal Consultation (details in the report), we must receive your Case Review and Metabolic Assessment Forms within 10 days. We are very busy–to put it mildly. We have determined that serious people can get their forms back to us on time. This deadline is firm. If your forms arrive late to our office, you will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list.

A Simple Request to Save Time:

Please submit your completed Comprehensive Health Profile and Metabolic Assessment Form to our office at least three days before you arrive for your first visit.

CALL 503-581-6846

We look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Peter Lind
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